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Sim Repository: Bargain Bin

It's been a long time since I've gathered all of them up, and since I have deleted half of their pictures on the old post, have a new one!
Updated July 12, 2010

TOU: Just enjoy! Do NOT upload to paysites or claim as your own. Please credit and if you wind up using one of my Sims, let me know! It'll make my day. :D

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The Warbear ISBI 1.0

 photo Cover_zps4d657741.png

Hi, everybody! Welcome to my revived Livejournal and my newest Sims 2 project. Under the cut are around 100 PNGs of boring, first installment of a legacy screenshots. It's all downhill from here.
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The plan at this point is to mainly post the Warbears here, in the classic legacy post style and just cross-post links to my Tumblr the same way I always did at pixel_trade. Legacies are just more suited to chapter style posts and I kind of miss fooling around with HTML.

Presenting: The Warbear ISBI @ Tumblr

Hi guys! Just so you all know, I'm back playing the Sims 2 and I'm starting a new legacy. You can keep up with the Warbear ISBI over at my simblr I'm considering making legacy posts here as well, but for now it'll be tumblr exclusive.

Remember how I said I wasn't dead?

I'm not! Not even a little! Through a weird chain of events, I have gotten back into playing the Sims 2 and I'm having the time of my life. If anyone still has this journal friended, you can find me blogging about my sims over here. I reblog a lot of CC and play almost entirely Maxis match.


I've become a lazy blogger

I really miss being involved in the LJ Sims community, but since I don't have regular 'big computer' (as in not my phone) internet access, LJ is really hard to use. I do regularly use Tumblr and post about the exploits of my Sims there (http://captmarmalade.tumblr.com/) though! I miss all my Sims friends. Heh. I'm exclusively playing the Sims 3 at the moment because all I have is a laptop currently. In teh fall I'm going to buy a decent desktop to play the Sims 2 on....and back up files and schoolwork and cough. >_>

I just wanted to say hello again to all of you folks that still lurk around. ^__^

Mini life-update below the cut for length.

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Meet Araceli Snodgrass!


Download and CAS previews under the cut
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Feb. 12th, 2012

My poor spy has been arrested more than anyone else in the kingdom. Picking locks is hard.
So, lately I've been missing the LJ simming community. I'm thinking seriously about trying to recreate Mariella Buster in the Sims 3, or maybe snowballing a legacy with my accumulated disease names. Between college and trying to find work, I may not have the time. But I really would like to. If anyone has any tips for screenshotting in the Sims 3, I would greatly appreciate them. I'm still around! I mostly just lurk, though. Thoughts?

Also, I'm currently playing the Sims Medieval. Maybe I'll start with posting some screenshots of that.

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